Where to buy

If you’re a reader in Australia, you should be able to buy my recent titles at your local bookshop (if you’re lucky enough to still have one). All my books are still in print in Australia (that is, booksellers can order them from the publisher). If the shop is out of stock of a title (that is, if they just don’t have any on the shelves at that moment), they’ll order it in for you.   

You can also order the books online. Many bookshops now offer this service – you order online and either the book is posted out to you or you pick it up from the shop.

Or you can order them from an online supplier. If you’re in Australia, you can support an excellent Australian family business by ordering from Booktopia

Of course, you can also order from one of the international online book suppliers such as Amazon or Book Depository. But if you do that, please be aware that you may be short-changing the author.  It’s complicated, but it boils down to this: Australian authors, and the publishers who support them, benefit most (literally earn more) when readers buy their books from an Australian source. 

Ebooks, audio and large print editions of many of the books are available.

A few first editions are available. They can be signed and/or inscribed.