Reviews of The Lieutenant

 'Supremely good' - Granta (UK)

'It glows with life: imaginative in its recreations, respectful of what cannot be imagined, and thoughtful in its interrogation of the past...Grenville's most intellectually sophisticated novel to date.' - The Age (Australia)

'Grenville inhabits characters with a rare completeness...she occupies the mind of Rooke with a kind of vivid insistence, and his isolation - and moral dilemmas - become ours...She writes with a poet's sense of rhythm and imagery.' - the Guardian (UK)

'A compelling narrative... an intelligent, spare, always engrossing imagining of first contact.' - Times Literary Supplement (UK)

'A particular kind of stillness marks Kate Grenville's characters out as uniquely hers... Between the words and among them, this is a profoundly uplifting novel.' - Independent (UK)

'The Lieutenant compels as a historical novel... but Grenville's most thrilling achievement is to filter a lesson in social acceptance through the computational consciousness of a man whose head is in the stars.' -LA Times (US)

'Another dazzling and disturbing achievement... Grenville's descriptions of the encounters between Rooke and the Gadigal, especially a young girl called Tagaran, are wonderfully shimmering and authentic...The Lieutenant is a gripping, fastidiously written tale and I couldn't put it down.' Weekend Herald (Australia)

'The Lieutenant is...the richly imagined portrait of a deeply introspective, and quite remarkable, man.' - Sunday NY Times (US)

'Grenville's reflections on the relationship of language to life, perspective to meaning, literature to truth all sprout from the seeds of historical record and twine enticingly throughout the novel.' Adelaide Advertiser (Australia)

'The Lieutenant is an outstanding story... completely absorbing... Grenville's observations of Rooke's inner world and the amazement of the landscape and brutality of the settlers elevates this novel to modern classic status' - Independent Weekly (Australia)

'Grenville's portrait of the obtuse yet engaging Rooke and her description of this strange territory are marvellously evocative.' Boston Globe (US)

'The Lieutenant has a potency and beauty that lingers in both the heart and mind's eye... the scenes between Rooke and Tagaran are superbly writtten, and Grenville conveys not only the sense of true kinship that grows between them, but also the euphoria of connection and understanding between two people from different universes.' Sunday Telegraph (UK)

'...a triumph of imaginative history. Grenville's book has a sense of humour - and its power, like that of all great novels, derives from the author's deep and abiding affection for all concerned.' -The Monthly (Australia)

'An extraordinary adventure into the nature of language, culture and human communication." Listener (Australia)

'Grenville's craft is, as always, astounding, deftly melding subject and metaphor, story and image... The Lieutenant succeeds beautifully.' - Canberra Times (Australia)

'The lasting impression of her novel is not of drama, but of a lovely, watchful stillness: a sort of astronomy of the human heart.' -Sunday Telegraph (UK)

'In lucid prose and perfectly measured strides, Grenville lays down her riveting tale.  A novel aglow with empathy, its author's capacious visions still deliver an elemental thrill.' -Daily Mail (UK)

'This novel is a triumph. Read it at once..' The Times (UK)