Dark Places: Reviews

Dark Places (Albion's Story in the US)

Dark Places / Albion's Story was shortlisted for the Los Angeles Times book award for fiction, long-listed for the Booker Prize, and won the Vance Palmer Award (the Victorian Premier's Award for Fiction)

"This is a dark tale, told with surprising humour."
(New Yorker, Recommended Reading)

"Kate Grenville is a skilled, talented writer… lush and beautiful writing…"
(New York Times Book Review)

"This book makes for thought-provoking speculation."
(Washington Post)

"If it is possible to make such a sexual monster intelligible to readers, Grenville has done it, and done it so well that monsters who appear daily in the media may be more easily understood."
(Detroit Free Press)

"An absorbing story told in stately prose."
(Select Fiction, New York Times)

"Grenville has insinuated herself into the skin of Singer and created a compelling, first-person narrative that thrills you even as it chills you. A masterful portrait of a sexual monster."
(The Province, Vancouver)

"Nobody ever wrote better about horrible deeds … compulsively readable."
(Sunday News, Texas)

"Grenville creates a tour de force. Her triumph lies in getting inside Albion's thoughts sufficiently to understand him. It is a brilliantly realised fleshing-out of a man so alienated from himself that he must practise his face in front of a mirror."
(Seattle Times)

"Grenville does a magnificent job… her prose is breathtaking; in her deft hands, Albion becomes a universal character."
(Nova Scotia Sunday News)

"A compelling narrative, rendered with compassion."

"Great daring… the prose is gracefully poetic, rich with sensory descriptions that are powerful enough to carry the emotional weight. Grenville was extraordinarily brave to take on such a challenge… the extreme emotional reaction that Grenville gets from her readers is testament alone to her writing abilities… she provides a world so vivid that, despite discomfort, the reader continues… Grenville is truly a magician."
(Boston Sunday Globe)

"A masterful, sharp-tongued portrait of an individual and an age. Grenville's fiction is impossible to put down."
(Kirkus Reviews)

"A tour de force… Grenville's edge, unblinking prose is arresting."
(Publishers' Weekly)

"Startling, fascinating, disturbing, this novel is recommended for most collections."
(Library Journal, US)

"A ventriloqual tour de force of the dark ness at the heart of man."
(Sydney Morning Herald)

"The is Grenville's best novel yet… a very carefully considered, dense and blackly humorous novel."
(The Bulletin)

"Dark Places is a serious, provocative book."
(The Age)

"Admirable and highly readable… the ambition behind it is met at almost every point by Grenville's talent: unmistakable voice, solid intelligence, beautiful sharp language."
(The Sunday Age)

"Captivating and extremely amusing…This is a find comic novel."
(Canberra Times)

"Grenville brilliantly, if chillingly, captures the voice of the smug, self-hating businessman who despises others as he despises himself. Dark Places is a shocking exploration of one man's black thoughts. This is an eloquent, angry and humane novel… one of the strongest, most compelling novels of 1994. An obvious Booker contender."
(The Irish Times)

"Dark Places is a book that rises to heights of obsessive and propulsive power…"
(The Australian)

"It pulls one along in morbid fascination."
(Literary Review, UK)

"Carefully thought-through and passionately imagined."
(The Independent, UK)

"What is impressive is the force Grenville marshals to reveal character: the pellucid confession, the dialogue's stinging wit, the eloquence of descriptive detail."
(The Independent on Sunday, UK)