I’ve been writing for nearly forty years, and over that time I’ve published many different sorts of things: short stories, novels, books about the writing process, a memoir about writing a novel, a book about my mother, short pieces on various subjects that are close to my heart, and most recently, a book about the science and effects of modern fragrances – fifteen books so far. Some of the books have won major awards, all of them are still in print, and nearly all have been published internationally, in English and in translation. Three have been adapted for the screen and one – The Secret River – has had a hugely successful life as an adaptation for the stage.

How lucky I am, to have spent most of my life doing what I love: following the river of writing into worlds that fascinate me. To find out more about any of these books just use the menu – you’ll  find readers’ notes, extracts, reviews, interviews and more.