Bearded Ladies: Reviews

 "These stories are a delight. The writing is witty, satirical, compassionate, clear as a rock pool and as full of treasures."
(Australian Book Review)

"Grenville writes powerfully . . . her women acquiesce in the illusions men wrap them in, but make a point of telling the truth to themselves."
(Times Literary Supplement)

"These pieces are witty, cynical yet deeply moving portraits of relationships, with a light touch of wicked humour."
(Ballarat Courier)

"Grenville's language is as fresh as new paint."
(The Age)

"With these 13 stories, a vibrant Australian voice speaks of universal concerns. This is a collection to be savoured as much for the colloquial ease of the writing as for the hypocrisy it exposes."
(Publisher's Weekly)

"The worlds of these stories are sharp and painful but told with great delicacy, with a controlled drift toward tenderness and back again. In welcoming Bearded Ladies, one can look forward to a further development of a considerable talent."
(The Bulletin)

"Kate Grenville's most memorable stories are those charged with a current of dark sexuality."

"Grenville's stories leave the reader with a strong emotional impact. Her style, while carefully worked, is deceptively easy."
(The Advertiser)

"Not often enough do reviewers have the chance to hail a significant new talent. I have that pleasure with Kate Grenville's first story collection. Don't miss it."
(The Newcastle Herald)

"Kate Grenville is a serious writer, and interestingly cosmopolitan. She writes a pared-down colloquial conversational language with an occasional astounding image and a fine sense of menace."
(The Canberra Times)

"A bold black wit so spare that it is astringent, and uncluttered prose that sets down its stories of marginality and dislocation with an economy that brings Hemingway to mind."
(Sydney Morning Herald)

"Clever stories that find truth in exact speech rhythms and cadences."
(Weekend Australian)